A young man of 23-year-old bike man was butchered to death by an unknown people at Alabebe, Olodo Area, Ibadan.

The pathetic scenario concerning the death of the bike man caught the people and colleagues unaware.

According to report, Double A Exclusive Media gathered that the horrific incident occurred very close to Alabebe police station and yet unknown to the policemen until they went to report the case.

The deceased, Indris by name was described as a very gentle man, respectful, humble and also not an addict to alcoholic drinks.

Speaking with his father who explained the deceased to be the last child of the family and yet to become a family man of his own is very decent and modest in all he does.

“He used to set out for work by 7am and comes in by 8pm. Shocking to us, we did not see him around that 8pm on Monday, then we knew there was fire in the mountain and we started searching everywhere because we knew it is unusual of him.” his father said

“We finally saw him dead near Alabebe police station and this shows the negligence of our security agent.” a bike man said.

Report revealed that Idris’ bike was missing as well after this unknown people butchered him on the neck.

The people therefore charged government at all levels to wake up to their number one responsibility of protecting lives and prosperities, and tighten the security of the society particularly the Nigerian Police Force.

By Israel Babalola

I am a philosopher, news writing expert, a blogger, content developer, media expert and a prolific writer with the pen name EazyPoet. I embrace AESTHETICS.