The Press Release of the aftermath of the meeting of AFENIFERE in Akure, Ondo State capital Tuesday 27th January 2020 came to us as a rude shock because the Yorubas at home and diaspora were made to believe that they were the  Socio-cultural umbrella body for all Yorubas.

 However, their partisanship which had been a matter of long time suspicion was clearly manifested with the bias displayed by the supposed father of all unambiguously towards one party to the constitutional logjam.

  Although some segments of the public have always argued that AFENIFERE has deviated from its ground-norm objectives and that AFENIFERE of today is now undisguised PDP in body and spirit.

 Ordinarily, one would have expected AFENIFERE to be seen as the father of all Yorubas in all the Political Parties, but we were been guided to believe that actions of AFENIFERE is contrary to our assumption and expectations.

 Several past incidents were cited to butress their opinion of the leadership of AFENIFERE.

   Firstly, last year, May 29th 2019, when Governors of Three (3) South West States of Oyo, Ogun and Lagos States took oath of office, AFENIFERE leaders only attended the Swearing in of Gov SEYI Makinde of Oyo State, of PDP, ignoring the Swearing in of Ogun and Lagos States Governors outrightly, who are from APC.

Furthermore, the partisanship approach of AFENIFERE to Oyo State Local Government issues is seriously legendary.

 Going by Nigeria constitution of 1999,there levels of Government i.e Federal, States and Local Governments are in operation.

  If the leadership of AFENIFERE were not bias in their approach, they should have called Gov SEYI Makinde to order when he was crossing his boundary by turning himself to Judiciary by claiming that the election of the Local Government Chairmen was invalidly conducted hence stopped them from continuing to serve their three years mandate, when they still have two more years to serve for their tenure.

We would not have bothered reminding the AFENIFERE that they are PDP social-cultural club if they hadn't dabble into Oyo State Local Government Elections biasly.

 The ground norm of philosophers is that, he who must call anyone to equity must come with a clean hand.

 AFENIFERE has not bothered to ask Gov SEYI Makinde some salient questions before intervening in Oyo State matter.

 (1) Did Oyo State PDP participated in the 12th May 2018 LOCAL Government Elections? No.

So where is the locus standi of PDP Oyo State in this case?

(2) After the 12th May 2018 LOCAL Government Elections, was the Election Tribunal instituted?, if yes, how many cases were litigated?

(3) PDP Oyo State had also claimed that there were court injunctions that restraint the 12th May 2018 LG Election, let them produce it or them?

If AFENIFERE can make efforts to at least get the above narrative right, we are sure that they would have called Gov SEYI Makinde to order long time ago before now.

(4) Is AFENIFERE aware that Oyo State High Court ruled that Status quo ante must be maintained in its ruling before Gov SEYI Makinde decided to form Local Government CARETAKER COMMITTEE in breach of the court ruling?

  It is very unfortunate that the AFENIFERE chose to embrace pettiness above National discuss.

(5) If Gov SEYI Makinde chose impunity and arbitrariness in intervening in the Local Government issues and the Federal Government called Oyo State Government to order by calling their attention to similar Supreme Court Judgement in case of similar legal disposition to return the Elected Council Chairmen back to their offices, where lies the SIN of Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Inspector General of Police (IGP).

(6) Is AFENIFERE aware that the same Oyo State High Court whose judgment was termed “Kangaroo” by Gov SEYI Makinde because they ousted the power of Gov SEYI Makinde and the State Parliamentarian from removing the Elected Local Government officials was also approached on Tuesday 28th January 2020, for restraining injunction of already taken actions which implied that Gov SEYI Makinde chooses when to obey Court Judgement and infact which section of Nigeria Constitution suits him to uphold, contrary to the oath of office he swore to.

  Finally, let us at this juncture use this opportunity to appreciate the security agencies in Oyo State for their co-operation in the smooth resumption of the Elected Local Government officials to their offices, members of the Press and infact members of the public.

Let us tell everyone that, there is No winner, No vanquish.

Democracy is the winner.

 APC Oyo State under able leadership of H. E, Sen Abiola Ajimobi and the State Chairman, Chief Akin Oke is synonymous with Peace and our elected officials are also ambassador of Peace.

By Israel Babalola

I am a philosopher, news writing expert, a blogger, content developer, media expert and a prolific writer with the pen name EazyPoet. I embrace AESTHETICS.