Oke-Ibadan North LCDA Chairman Moves to Compensate Eleyele Market Shop Owners

Oke-Ibadan North LCDA Chairman Moves to Compensate Eleyele Market Shop Owners

The Caretaker chairman, Oke-Ibadan North LCDA, Eleyele; Ganiyu Omotosho has berated the activities of miscreants using the old Eleyele Market as place to shield after commiting attrocities whilst attracting armed robbers, drug addicts and all sort of illegal activities floating around the area.

The Chairman said, ‘’the place is now a jungle where, people snatch phones and rob houses, there is no sanitation and it is bringing an abysmal name to the phase of the LCDA’’

He made this known to news men during a press conference at the LCDA secretariat on Tuesday.

Omotosho stressed further, made it known that it is time to develop the market and the area to suit international standard and attract investors.

He said,  ”In this 21st Century that we are, anybody that is in government, either elected or appointed should develop some economical and workable initiative that would drive his domain to make it viable. I am an Eleyele Guy,”  he boasted.

In his words, ”it does not matter what you are governing, what matters is what you are able to do economically.”

However, in his briefing, he aligned that implementations are in order to develop the LCDA by starting first from the Market.

”We still make reference to Chief Awolowo who had died few years ago, we should also think of doing a new thing just like Awolowo had trail blaze. Eleyele international Market must turn into our own new haven”

He punch at the reason why the conference was called, ”here has been conflicts between LCDA and shop owners by some previous administration and were dragged to Court. The injuction ordered by Court was that Government should be responsible for shop owners compensation. Yeah as a caretaker, I am limited to revenues generation and I depend solely on allocations from the FG down to SG, he said.

Omotosho, whose youthful ambitions is based mainly on development, brags that with the allocation he should be able to change the economic phase of the LCDA.

He downplayed how the shop owners misused the Market and yet did not pay dues to the council.

He stated that his administration has had a sit and talk with the shop owners to take over of the market and pay a compensation to shop owners, which will be of interest to all parties involved and particularly the government who sees it as an avenue for development.

”Trust us, we we are going to rebuild the market and merge the interest of the allottees and shop owners together.”

Furthermore, he made some statistics known to Reporters that the Market value has reduced to 20% of initial income and most part of the Market turned to residential areas.

”For the record, a shop owner lamented that he collects 4,800 as rent which does not worth it.”

He recalled that shop owners have seized to pay dues to LG since 2008.

Mr Chairman who said the shop owners are privileged that Gov. Makinde’s administration is lenient enough to let democracy reigns, says, shop owners have not handle the situation in Favorable manner in recent times.

He made it known to our correspondent that, since the revenue generation is low, they have to make use of the ones available in which the Market is largely part of.

The Legal practionner of the shop owners was available and Shop owners are advertently not appeased with the compensation from the LCDA

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