The Nigeria Police Force has arrested a young man over attempted rapping of a small girl in Alapafon Area, Amuloko,Ibadan, Oyo state.

According to eye witness, the little girl was rescued from the man’s hand, after seeing him as holding firm the girl and sorting for place whereas no one could notice.

The girl was said to have been rescued by the a woman who sells food after she went to a school building to gather her plates. She shouted to alert the people around and for the man to be caught up.

More so, some said it was a kidnap scenario but source confirmed to Double A Exclusive that it was a rape attempt.

Report shows that the man has been involved in such act before this period.

Nevertheless, the man’s action looks suspicious enough to alert the community to come to the rescue of the innocent little girl.

The man as at press time has been reported to the police in Ibadan and the matter is under investigation.

By Israel Babalola

I am a philosopher, news writing expert, a blogger, content developer, media expert and a prolific writer with the pen name EazyPoet. I embrace AESTHETICS.