Moving on from the loss of a significant other is something many people have described as being difficult. While it is often encouraged that they move on, starting a relationship with a late partner’s friend isn’t something many accept. For Kenyan actor Dan Soko, however, finding happiness in the arms of his late wife’s best friend is something he has no apology for. Soko lost his wife, Dru, back in 2017 after giving birth to their second child as she slipped into a coma.

In an interview on February 24, Dan spoke about his relationship with Winfred Bwire, who was his late wife’s best friend and an actor as well. He revealed that he asked her out and it took time for her to accept his request. The father of two also revealed that he took off his wedding ring years after Dru died, to start a relationship with Bwire and that they have been together for 5 months now.

On her part, Bwire revealed that they were friends before he met his wife Dru. She also stated that she never thought she would ever have feelings for him because he had a family then. “I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my best friend. He didn’t move on fast after losing her. I don’t think I’ve betrayed her because when she was still alive, I never had any romantic relationship with her husband.

I also never thought he would be my lover at any point in life because he had a family at that time.” She also shared photos from the interview on her Instagram page and wrote: “Greatest lesson I took home- Do you…Your Happiness comes first. People will give their opinions on all matters life but at the end of the day, it’s yours that counts. Dear Human, If it puts a smile on your face- GO FOR IT!! If it helps you sleep better at night – GO FOR IT!!! If it makes you feel ZEN- GO FOR IT!!! Just GO FOR IT!!! Love B”