Lady kidnap EX for refusing to marry her after years of dating

Lady kidnap EX for refusing to marry her after years of dating

The police command in kano on Wednesday paraded four suspected kidnappers among whom was a 23-year-old lady, maryam Mohammed a.k.a Hajiya, the mastermind of this crime.

Maryam was arrested last week Tuesday along with three other members of her syndicate at Ungogo local area government while negotiating with one of their captives.

She confessed that her operation as a kidnapper started with her ex-boyfriend who refused to marry her years of courtship.

I was introduced into kidnapping by my uncle called hamza and the first person we kidnapped who my ex-boyfriend who refused to marry me despite my efforts to get him convinced during our years of courtship.

‘’After he dumped me’’ My uncle asked me to bring him so that we could hold hold him until he pays money before we could release.

‘’When we kidnapped him, his family paid 5 million naira to secure his freedom in which I was given #800 thousand as my own part of the deal.

Later on , I used the money for the rental of my apartment at jaba quarters’’ Hajiya confessed.

What a strange world we live in

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