It was a sorrowful and huge calamity at Ehin-Grammar, Molete, Ibadan, Oyo state as 3 children from the same parents were burnt to ashes in a conflagration.

The pathetic incident occurred according to an eyes witness around 1am (midnight) on Friday, when all eyes are closed in a deep sleep.

Speaking with a neighbour, “it was the shout of the vigilante that woke everybody up, though we all felt it was thief again without knowing it was another thing entirely. When we all got to know, we tried to rescue people inside but we were unable to rescue those 3children in the same room.”

“There was electricity then, but we had to contact the IBEDC to off the community light”

According to report gathered by Double A Exclusive Media, the three children burnt were Glory, Samuel and Darasimi. There ages revealed were, 13years, 7years and 3years respectively.

Report shows that, the mother was on a night shift at her place of work while the father was not at home as well.

As at the time of filling this report, the father has been well informed but tragedy of this news could not allow him to stay but to run away.

Also, the mother have yet to be informed of the great calamity.

Report gathered shows that things in the kitchen particularly the kitchen utensils were rescued while all other things in the house were totally destroyed.

By Israel Babalola

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