Ghastly accident occurred at Sango Cemetery, Ibadan in the early hour of yesterday between one claimed impatient Siena driver who end up bashing a Napep and Micras and a CRV car.

According to report gathered by Double A Exclusive, five vehicles were bashed on the main road of Sango cemetery.

Report has it that the Siena driver has been involved in reckless driving right from Mokola side but only escaped the struggles of people to get him.

Unfortunately, he was tracked down after another reckless driving which caused destruction of 5 vehicles.

Eye witness confirmed to Double A Exclusive that the car is a contraband one with foreign plate number.

However, many claimed that the driver seems drunk and while others claimed it was brake failure.

The driver after being apprehended was said to have been handed over to Sango Police Division for proper investigation

By Israel Babalola

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