A   Business mentor

A mentor plays an important role in the success story of every individual on earth .In today’s world , a mentor is being described as a person with high level of business qualities , an experts who oversees, trains and guide young or entrepreneurs from the conception of their business ideas and growth. Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor

This article proposes a conceptual model for mentors and discusses a few resources on how to find mentor and reasons why entrepreneurs need mentoring support in accordance with the type of business , decision-making style and phase at which they are at that moment.
Mentoring is quite different from other related forms of discrete supports such as teaching and coaching, the mentor puts the young entrepreneur’s interests as complete priority and has to understand that his main role is to be dependable, engaged and tuned into the needs of the entrepreneur.

Here are a few resources to get you started on the path to finding a mentor:
ACE MENTOR PROGRAM:  engages,excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in the construction and engineering industries through mentoring and support.
SCORE MENTORING: fosters vibrant small business owners and entrepreneurs through mentoring and education SC0RE has helped over 11 million entrepreneurs since 1964.
Its very sad that,not every entrepreneur realizes the potential benefits of having a mentor in his life.They believe that they can succeed without mentors and while it is indeed possible in the business world without relying on a mentor, it is unnecessarily complicated as he will have to endure the consequences of his failure alone which poses a high level of negative impact on his productivity.
Life without a mentor is much harder work. A mentor has been where you are,has seen the struggles you face and most importantly, they have survived and thrived. Yet a woeful number of entrepreneurs start their business careers without one.
While arguments abound on why entrepreneurs do not need mentors but should only follow their instincts, most successful business moguls had mentors .For example, the late apple founder steve jobs served as a mentor to facebook’s mark zuckerberg . The late Bill campbell, the silicon valley coach mentored steve jobs and larry page.