The Oyo State PDP Publicity Secretary, Engr Akeem Olatunji, he said at no time did the Governor Seyi Makinde lampooned the Honourable Judges of the Appeal Court but nothing should stop the holistic review of the entire court processes at the Appeal Court which led to the final judgment of the Supreme Court.

Olatunji stated this in a press statement made available to Double A Exclusive Media that, It is worthy of note that never in the history of Nigeria judiciary was a court sat on the fence in a matter of public interest as the ruling of the election petition appeal court tribunal ended up creating confusion in a case that was unambiguous. Despite PDP reservations about the Appeal Court judgment, the party, PDP, still maintain her highest regards for Nigerian judiciary which has always proofed to be the last hope for the common man.

At no time was PDP in a panic mode because APC and her candidate, Bayo Adelabu, were not only defeated at the poll but got crushed at the election with an overwhelming margin of 157,000 votes.

APC as it is presently constituted is a bird of strange bed fellow, it requires surgical operation which needed a sober reflection of their past due to the looting spree and shameless corruption that pervade APC administration in the last eight years under former Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

Though the party, APC, did not deny receiving a whopping sum of N5.2 billion in May 6th of 2019 but before May 29th of same month which was 23 days interval (17 working days) the money was depleted to N19,000. Rather than beating about the bush, APC and her leaders should come clean on the rational behind the kleptomaniac experienced during their infamous administration.

PDP in Oyo State as a former opposition party won’t mind to lecture APC the rudiments of opposition politics because the manner and method being applied by Oyo State APC is archaic and outdated which may kill the party if care is not taken.

Having collapsed the 67 accounts in operation during the 8 years of ex-Governor Ajimobi led APC government in Oyo State in one account, half of the entire N6.2 billion which would have gone to private pockets was saved for the benefits of Oyo State citizens.

The recent signing of Oyo State anti corruption bill into law might have sent jitter down the spine of the corrupt ones but it is only the guilty that has cause to fear.

Elections and the court cases are over, what remains is governance of which Governor Seyi Makinde is performing excellently to the satisfaction of everyone while we advice APC to put their house in order and start preparation for the forthcoming local government election in the State.

However, Oyo State PDP congratulates all the Caretaker Chairmen and their members as they symbolize PDP in their various local governments and LCDAs with a firm warning that the templates given to them by Governor Seyi Makinde has to be adhere to strictly.

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