Bandele Ajetunmobi— The history of a prominent Nigerian.
Bandele Ajetunmobi widely known as TEX was one of Britain’s first black photographers. He was given birth to in Nigeria in 1921 and was enrolled as an apprentice to a portrait photographer in Lagos.

In 1947, at the age of 26 he stowed away on a boat from Nigeria where he had found himself an outcast on account of the disability he acquired from polio as a child. He settled in spital fields, east London an area he documented through photography for almost a century , focusing on immigrants communities and the multi-racial nature of the area.

Most of his lifetime projects were destroyed when he died in 1994 apart from some 200 negatives that his niece victoria loughran rescued. These are housed in the archive of Autograph ABP, London; the printed in Tate gate gallery collections come from these negatives and were previously in the Eric and Louise Franck collection, London.