Oyo State Algon Chairman, Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye has debunked the on going rumour trending on the social media that some aggrieved Oluyole APC leaders are shopping for Aleshinloye as a replacement for Hon Sadipe that there is no iota of truth.

The chairman who spoke with some correspondents, said those peddling the rumour are mischief makers who are averse to the development of Oluyole federal constituency.

He said,”I stood and supported Hon Tolu Sadipe against all odds during and after the general election. I knew what I went through before she got the ticket to be our party candidate. How on earth will it be this time when the regime is still young that some people will now be heating up the polity unnecessarily.”

“There are many questions to suggest to those behind the write up are within. How and when did the person who abused and cursed me got to the official platform of Hon Tolu Sadipe? What has happened since this offensive action?  Would he have been left without being  removed or suspended from the platform, if it were Hon Tolu Sadipe he abused or cursed? Those who called my attention to it also showed the sycophantic comments of the officials on the platform without taking action against the offender”.

Hon Aleshinloye narrated, a scenario that occurred at the “Citizens of Oluyole Platform”, before the 2019 general election where Hon Tolu Sadipe then as APC party candidate was insulted by a Popular Tribune Editor ,the admin of the platform which two of his PAs were among, immediately suspended him but he(Aleshinloye) waded into the matter by reconciling the offender and Hon Sadipe.

“How many of those praise singers that are struggling to benefit from Hon Sadipe were in her support when the leaders were against both of us? Even the few that supported us then could not summon courage to talk .I did not come against her when nobody knew her and I was being told to come out,rather I made sure I gave her the desired support, is it now when she is just settling down to work and now a well known I will be after her post? .What a stupid thinking!!
“For me, am well above this pettiness and I will continue to support our honourable to succeed”.

He insisted that his support to her and loyalty to the party was responsible for the landslide victory Hon Tolu Sadipe recorded in the constituency during the 2019 National Assembly Election.

Aleshinloye maintained that no amount of blackmail will make him jump boat. He however admonished all party members to remain peaceful and rally round Hon Sadipe to succeed.

By Israel Babalola

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