About us

Double A Exclusive is media house that has carved for herself an indelible reputation amidst her counterparts in the brown-roof city of Ibadan and environs saddled with the responsibility of clinical, analytical and critical investigative journalism in the society up.

A one stop Broadcasting and Online media platform for all your daily news around the globe, ranging from human angle stories, mysteries and investigation; politics and current affairs; international news and sport; features and articles etc.

The platform is an unbiased media organization striving for the emancipation of the masses with an impeccable ideology of ‘preaching social justice and helping humanity through investigative journalism.’


Ethics: We shall abide by all ethical standard of the society and press

Independence: We are free of partisan and sectional interests

Integrity: We shall be just in discharging our duties.

Public Interest: We shall fight for the right of everyone for a better Nigeria

Respect: We shall respect religious and political diversity 

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Our Motto: Information with Integrity

Our Office: Felele Estate, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Our Contact Address: mrdoubleapress@gmail.com/ doubleahumanitarian@gmail.com/

Call us @. +2348165603597