A twitter user narrates how a wedding was canceled during the engagement

A twitter user narrates how a wedding was canceled during the engagement

There are several absurd reasons why people call of their glorious wedding celebrations after making preparations to have grand ceremony, but one thing I do not understand is the cancellation of a wedding celebration due to inaccuracy in the sharing of of food between families and friends of the newly wedded couples
Our verified sources points out twitter user identified as ngozi who narrated how a couple to be cancelled all wedding plans on the d-day due to a squabble over food during reception.
The groom was said to have gotten angry during the reception because his people were not served food.
However the bride took some steps in consoling her dear husband but he raged and shouted at her instead.
When he had calmed down he approached his about them leaving together, but she rejected the kind gestures and insisted that she was no o longer interested in the marriage again
Omo the wedding I attended today ended in premium tears. I have never witnessed such before wtf!!!!!
So the groom was angry that they didn’t serve his people food. So the bride went to console him and calm, him down down, next thin he shouted at her in front of everyone that she should get out of his sight.
She left quietly and went to sit down, next thing he came to meet her and asked her if she was going with him. Bride said she is not marrying him again, groom said him too is not marrying .. end of dotty. they fought ,scattered things and everyone one parted their ways

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