# A nigerian History

chief enahoro Anthony arriving at the supreme court in Lagos.Date 27th of May 1963 Accused of treason, trying to overthrown the civilian government of sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa during the Awolowo alleged coup trial, Enahoro escaped via Ghana to the united kingdom in 1963. Nigeria requested for the extradition of enahoro under the 1881 fugitive offenders act, preventing his application for political asylum 

On his arrival to Britain, chief Enahoro was arrested in Britain under the fugitive offenders Act, 1881, on a warrant issued by a metropolitan magistrate, following an application made on behalf of the Nigerian federal government.
He was eventually extradited from the UK and imprisoned for treason in Nigeria.
During his trial in Nigeria, chief enahoro was represented by Abraham Adesanya Esq, who was the lead counsel for the defense in his appeal against a treasonable felony conviction case .
After a 10 month Trial, with a total cost of 95 witnesses, 383 exhibits examined. Judge Sowemimo delivered an 8-hour judgment which was to keep chief Enahoro Anthony In prison for 15 years.
He and the rest of the action group members were released by general yakubu gowon after he came into power, following the july 1966 coup.