Ekugbemi vs Ebila: Wives and Daughter of Late Ekugbemi Narrate Story

Moshood Abiola A.K.A Ekugbemi, 38yrs, who was said to have been terrorizing Ibadan and its environs for some time was brutally murdered in Ibadan.

It was gathered by the Double A Exclusive Media that there was a probable fracas between himself and a notorious cult group popularly known as the ”one million boys”.

According to Oladokun Barakat who happens to be the daughter of Ekugbemi, ”it happened that, there was a land house fracas claiming that my Daddy did not allow the one million boys gang receive money from the owner of a building under construction in our area.

But the real issue was that he sent me fuel to run the generator plant which I was running the errand for. I was on the bike when another bike approaching notified me that some boys were coming for my dad, we turned back immediately to inform my dad and he responded that there is no panic. He even stressed that he is now a peacemaker.

I was later informed that my father is dead.”

It was gathered from the wives of Ekugbemi that Ebila chaired the death of their husband even though they made clarity with Ebila and his boys that their Husband had no issue with them whatsoever.

According to the wife’s account, Ekugbemi, who was macheted and axed in cold-blood was robbed of 2
mobile phones, a #100,000, his shoe, his bag and a ring which was removed from one of his toes.

Labake Oladokun, Ekungbemi’s second wife in her words. ”They axed him, robbed him of 2 mobile phones, collected a 100k, his trainers shoe, the ring on his foot, destroyed our house and properties”.

However, the Bike Man, who witnessed the incident has this to say:

“I conveyed Ekugbemi and his boys to a rural area at Amuloko Akanran in Ibadan for a naming ceremony. We were there when he received a call that Ebila and his boys came over to their house threatening to beat and kill them.

We left instantly and got to his house. 10 minutes later the one million boys including Ebila came in tens, dressed in black mantle, holding black axes.

In fairness, Ekungbemi was harmless and had no intentions of fighting.

Biola Ebila and his boys started macheting Ekugbemi once they sighted that his boys had fled.”

According to the Mr Oluokun, he says,

”I’m sure that there was no fracas between both of them to the best of my knowledge.”

Oluokun himself had to flee even though he sustained severe injuries.

Meanwhile, Ekugbemi was taken to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Ekugbemi, who was survived by two wives and Children was recently released from the prison.

His wives and household has however, pleaded to Oyo state government to provide for their needs as their late husband was the bread winner of the family and protect them against Ebila and the One million boys.

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