Oyedepo Warms Government Over Lockdown, Says People Feeding Others Will Soon Need Help

The founder of Living Faith Church Winner Chapel Chapel made a warning to the Government pertaining to the prolong Lockdown due to outbreak of the pandemic corona Virus.

He boasted that if the leaders knows the little He knows about God having the final say they will not be jittery the way they are now. He stated its not about making mouth but having a definite encounter that destroys fear.

He further stated asked rhetorically that can there be any social distancing in the market place especially locations such as ours in Africa where formal Chopping mall system is lacking and every family visits the market place at least one’s per week why can’t the Christians go to church and the muslims go to mosque these are places where there is order. He reiterated that we all should know that without God we are doomed and this is the time we need God the most.

The situation round the world has humbled the entire nations in which all nations is in Lockdown.

He stated that the Bible says let him that does not work not eat and what about situation where no one goes out to work how are they expected to eat. He says Government should lay aside fear and let the system come back to normal.

He cried out ‘those helping out others will soon need help if this does not end’ He warned.

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