38-Year-Old Man Caught Raping 13-Year-Old, JSS 2 Student In A Bush

38 Year Old Man Caught Raping a 13 Year Old Girl in Opolo, Bayelsa State. This 38-year old man, identified as Oga Chucks was today Wednesday 26th February 2020 caught red-handed having canal knowledge of the 13 year old JSS2 student.

Oga Chucks who hails from Abia state is a plumber in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. According to our sources, he met the girl(Name withheld) on her way to school this morning on a lonely path, forcefully dragged her into a nearby bush and forced himself on her. He ran out of luck when two women on their way to their farms, heard the cry of the girl and raised an alarm.

He was caught by youths in the village, who stripped him naked, ties him up and beat him up mercilessly. The girl has been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, And Oga Chucks has been handed over to the police.

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