Suspected Ritualist Nabbed While Packing Human Feces in Ibadan

At Lako compound of Kudeti Area in Ibadan, Oyo state, one man who claimed to be an Islamic cleric “Alfa” was alleged to have been packing feces of the people in the community at Kudeti River.

According to report sampled by Double A Exclusive Media, the man was said to have came from Idiloju, Omiyale side of Ibadan.

Report revealed after he was accused by one man who came to pass his excretion that the dry feces the said Alfa is to heal his brother in-law according to the accused man.

However, the reason behind the man’s action is yet unknown but there are premonitions that such act is for money ritual.

As at press time, the Nigerian Police Force, Mapo division has intervened into the matter and proper investigation is going on to ensure justice.

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