Oyo ALGON Takes Caution, Charges State Commissioner of Police to Curb Makinde

In a press statement released by Oyo ALGON states her respect for the rule of law and regards for the peace of the state while reacting to the caution given through the office of the Oyo state commissioner of police.

Below is the full statement titled “RE- WARNING TO OYO ALGON AND ITS MEMBERS”

We the elected Local Government Chairmen under the aegis of Association of Local Government of Nigeria, ALGON, Oyo State chapter wishes to thank you and your good office for cautioning us to be law abiding in our approach in the ways and manners we want to launch ourselves back to our respective offices and that we should thread softly not take laws into our hands, as the resultant effect of our actions may degenerate to conflictual and chaotic situation with the opposing camp.
In as much as we appreciate your timely advice and intervention, we would like to intimate your good office that there is no step we take in this matter that does not follow due process of law. None of the steps taken with due regards to the dictate of law did not go without your knowledge, as letters in respect of the current imbroglio between the ALGON and the State Government are at different times served your office. Taking you back a memory lane, our letter dated back 31st May, 2019 which was received on 3rd June, 2019 notifying you about the dissolution of Local Government Councils and Local Council Development Areas and even the threat to life that follows. Alongside this, copies of both the Supreme Court judgement which rendered both the Governor and the House of Assembly incapable to dissolve democratically elected Local Government Chairmen and Councillors and judgement of Court of Appeals which they later appeal were all sent to your office for perusal and actions. Equally, a letter dated 2nd December, 2019 and received in your office 3rd December, 2019 hinting you ahead of time about the plan of the Governor to impose an illegal Caretaker Committee to occupy the seats that are yet to be rendered vacant and the likely consequence if they dare carry out this unlawful arrangements.
With this and other related development, we at ALGON from inception, are not doing anything outside the provision of the law. And we assure you as law abiding citizens, we would not do such. We appreciate your advice and warning but we will appreciate it better if you could extend the same token of advice to Governor Seyi led administration to take cognisance of the following:

  1. May 6th, 2019 High Court judgement on the elected Local Government Officials which his administration has appealed against (pending).
  2. The recent Supreme Court judgement which barred all State Governors and House of Assembly from dissolving democratically elected Council Officials and replacing them with illegal Caretaker arrangements.
  3. The newly released NFIU guidelines forbidden Caretakers to access Local Government funds.
    All these documents are being resent to you again.
    If unchecked, this government will make history as the only State Government that will put illegal Caretaker arrangements under your watch.
    It is a public knowledge that the Caretaker arrangements for local government administration is no longer fashionable anywhere in the world.
    The ALGON is always and ever ready to continue in the path of legality and will do nothing but to always respect the rule of law.
    Thank you.”
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